My objective: I want everything I work on to contribute to making the world a better place.

I love doing in depth interviews with intriguing people, sharing my experiences, and helping creatives communicate a powerful message to a large variety of people.

I co-authored, This is A Book For Parents of Gay Kids (chronicle, 2014), an advice guide for parents whose kids have just come out to them. We answer basic questions, share stories, talk about sex, and the longest chapter is on gender, guested by a trans activist and his mother. It's a phenomenal resource; I am so proud. Currently I work freelance, with my focus on activism, and one my favorite part-time gigs is turning queer sex research into fun / relatable YouTube videos.

Links to some of my freelance works:

Can I Have Sex After Assault and Trauma (Stevie, 2018)
Can Lesbians Do Butt Stuff?? (Stevie, 2018)
How To Not Be Jealous (Stevie, 2018)
Why I Won't Get Back Together With My Ex (Stevie, 2018)
How To Eat Pussy THE RIGHT WAY (Stevie, 2017)
Kate Nash DGAF About Your Agenda (BITCH MAG, 2017)
PTSD, Anxiety, and Mindfulness: University Speech (Bria and Chrissy, 2017)
Lesbian Sex 101: How do Lesbians have Sex (Stevie, 2017)
Kate Nash, KT Tunstall, And Other Musicians Fighting Against The DAPL (Nylon Magazine, 2016)
The Death of My Abusive Mother (Radimo, 2016)
Naked and Kissing (Bria and Chrissy, 2016)
Things Lesbian Youtubers Do (Stevie, 2016)
Why the Dakota Access Pipeline Sucks and What to do (Radimo, 2016)
Shailene Woodley Drove a Peace Train (Nylon Magazine, 2016)
It's Time to Let go of Your Abusive Mother (Radimo, 2016)
Ari Fitz x Reebok Classic is Making Our Tomboy Dreams Come True (Nylon Magazine, 2015)
10 Queer Humans Who Do Fashion Differently (Nylon Magazine, 2015)
How to Get Kinky (Stevie, 2015)
How to Survive your Period (Stevie, 2015)
But I'm Jamie Babbit: The Autostraddle Interview (, 2015)
Liz Feldman Knows You Want Secret Lesbian Slang on TV  (, 2015)
Britney Spears + Zoo + Dannielle Owens-Reid (SnapChat, 2015)
This is a Book For Parents of Gay Kids (Chronicle, 2014)
How to Talk to Your Gay Teens About Sex (Time, 2014)
13 Things Not To Say To Your Lesbian Friend (Cosmopolitan, 2014)
On Short Hair: A Frustrated Essay (The Parents Project, 2014)
13 Best Things About Being A Lesbian (Cosmopolitan, 2014)
Dyke Day Duds (MTV, 2014)
Top Ten Movies That Would Have Been Better If They Were Gay (AutoStraddle, 2013)
The Parent Talk and Being a Good Hook-up (MTV, 2013)
Condom Confusion and Battling Body Image (MTV, 2013)
Slut Shaming and No Baby Blues (MTV, 2013)

If you'd like to bring me on for a writing project, email me.